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. speakers include steve kerrigan, anthony fox, and the los angeles mayor and chair of the convention, antonio villaraigosa. this is about 40 minutes. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to charlotte. we are desultory -- we are excited to get things kicked off. last week, governor romney and congressman ryan had the opportunity to let off a division. the questions most americans are focused on. they failed, given that opportunity. we look forward to having this conversation this week about where we were 2008, where we have come, and how we have built the economy for the middle class out to restore economic security for the middle class. with me this morning are the -- is the ceo of the democratic convention, steve kerrigan. mayor fox. charlotte. our convention share. mayor villaraigosa and the dnc secretary. between that group which should be able to answer, if not all, many of your questions. if with that, i will turn it over to steve kerrigan. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. as ben said, in the ceo of the democratic national convention committee. on behalf of our team, i w
guest for you, antonio villaraigosa, mayor of los angeles, a former union organizer, former speaker of the california assembly, and the first hispanic mayor of los angeles since 1872. he is the chairman of the democratic national convention. thank you for joining us. good to see you. need a microphone. yes. i apologize -- >> i apologize for being late. the first lady had a rough time getting into the place, so we were a little late. >> we have talked a lot about immigration, but as mayor you have had a focus on education. 47% of americans under 18 are now non-white. are we on track to provide those young african-americans, hispanics, other minority kids the tools and skills they need to move into the middle class? >> absolutely not. let me refer to a friend, tom friedman, when he writes that the world is flat and we are not competing, he is talking about our kids a good of princeton, yale, ucla, stanford -- we are not competing in math and science around the world. when you talk about kids that are poor, you are talking about an achievement gap where these people are not competing w
with president obama in cincinnati, ohio, and then mitt romney in los angeles, followed by michelle obama campaigning in florida and senator mccain campaigning for mitt romney in new hampshire. tomorrow morning we will look of the democrats' legislative and campaign agenda with maryland representative don edwards. a good republican senator, a member of the committee, will discuss the on rests in the middle east and the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. -- the unrest in the middle east and the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. our guest is jamie strawbridge, managing editor of inside u.s. trade. " the washington journal is every day 7:00 a.m. eastern. a forum on the supreme court 2011-2012 terms. we will be live, here in c-span. >> the president and i have fundamentally different positions and different believes the guide us. >> he looks to government as a great benefactor in every live. they have a new model. they say government is the only thing we belong to. i do not know about you, but i never thought of government as something i belong to. >> what does the ca
leaders at the u.s. chamber of commerce national convention in los angeles. we are planning coverage of his remarks that we will have later today. tomorrow he travels to new york city. wednesday, florida. follow the road to the white house on the c-span networks. tonight at 7:00 we'll hear what the voters in one of the key election states, virginia, think about the two candidates. the focus group is made up of undecided voters. it is organized by hart,. following that discussion at 8:30 we will speak with political reporters to get their thoughts on what virginia voters had to say. >> the boston globe posted a discussion thursday with reporters and analysts looking ahead to the final two months of the presidential campaign. alice addressed the president's health care plan, voter id laws, and if you vote. this is an hour and 15 minutes. -- they addressed to the president's health-care plan, also. >> it was fun. we had been talking a lot of trash. >> for those of you and in the boston globe outreach program, who may have never been in our beautiful building, i incurred to consider beco
in scores of newspapers, including the "los angeles times." is also created editorial cartoons in english and spanish for university -- universal press syndicate. he co-host a satirical talk show. seated next to him is steve kelley, the editorial cartoonist for the "times picayune" in new orleans. he is also the co-creator of nationally syndicated comic strip and was also a veteran stand-up comedian and has appeared several times on the "tonight show." scott stantis on the far left is the editorial cartoonist for the "chicago tribune," and his work is syndicated to well over 180 newspapers. previously, he served as editorial cartoonist for the "commercial appeal court and in memphis -- "commercial appeal" in memphis. please welcome our panelists today. [applause] with that, i will now turn it over to lalo, who will start us off. >> hi, everybody. i am lalo alcaraz, cartoonist, it says clearly there. [laughter] i am, i guess -- i have been a freelance or forever -- freelancer forever. i have never been a staff cartoonist. even when i was with "l.a. weekly," i was there 17 years as a freela
when i am washington, d.c., or campaigning, why would the mayor of los angeles to be in florida, new mexico, nevada, and i said it is simple. it matters to the people of california who is in the white house. we believe we have benefited greatly by the policies of president obama. we believe strongly the bush policies set us back. you talk about enthusiasm. we know president obama will win. we have tens of thousands of volunteers across california who will be calling into nevada, colorado, every state here in california. this is why you ought to vote. there are two tabs, a crystal clear choice before us. one man, our president, wants to invest in the middle class. another will take us back to the failed policies that got us the worst recession since the great depression, and there is a great deal of support. i do not know who they are talking to. talk to some of the volunteers here. there are kids, older folks like me, they are here and excited. my kids are coming. initially i said, this is a big day. i want my whole family there. they want to work. they want to do what they can to ma
. then mitt romney in los angeles. tuesday on c-span 2, the oregon governor talks about lowering health-care costs while improving care. he says the sensor -- he is at the center for american progress. also, a form on the supreme court to loss 11 and 2012 terms, including a look at property rights, and immigration. live coverage starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> happy on filtered truth. what they are saying, when, and why. beyond that, i like using cs gone -- c-span as a thermostat. sometimes you get so caught up in the beltway. one of the soap -- one of the shows i enjoy it is "washington journal." it makes my job easier to do what i do. i know what conservatives and liberals are thinking. the calls are on filter. -- unfiltered. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979. >> next, peter hart talks with a group of virginia voters. this focus group was conducted on behalf of the policy center of the university of pennsylvania. it is two hours. >> welcome. any seat is equally great. can you turn your knee toward me. ? you go by pamela vs. pam? great. >> charlie? chr
us any sense of what's happening in the corporate espionage world? in los angeles where we had so many auto designers, for instance, i remember the f.b.i. and various other parts of government had an inner agency task force to look at corporate espionage, much cyber, essentially stealing designs and stealing technology over digitally. what is the state of play there right now? >> i think it was mentioned before, it's still very persistant. the problem is you don't know about it because there are no regulations allowing -- requiring them to disclose that. so we're not learning from our own mistakes. we're kind of borrowing and trying to shove it under the carpet. it's occurring all the time, whether we know it or not. and it's in their advantage, right. we have had cases where foreign countries from a capitalistic standpoint looked at a competitor's bid, came in, underbid them, won the opportunity. from a real estate perspective. those little target opportunities, they're a little more coordinate where'd they're looking at private industry and government and kind of working togethe
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8